The Gift of Meditation

These meditations were recorded by Mani while in meditation himself, and are transcribed exactly as received from Spirit during the meditation. They are exceptionally powerful and reach deep into the heart and soul of the listener. Expect profound changes.

Mani offers these as a gift to the world, at no charge.  Ever!

Enjoy them, listen to them as often as you like, and share them with your friends.

Love and blessings,

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  • 00 - Welcome Note

  • 01 - Intro, Grounding, & Centering

  • 02 - Love & Healing

  • 03 - Golden Lake

  • 04 - Your Angelic Self

  • 05 - Heart Healer

  • 06 - Becoming The Rainbow

  • 07 - Mountains & Masters

What To Expect

Introduction, Grounding, & Centering

20 minutes, 50 seconds

A gentle tour of the wonderful realm of grounding, and of centering.  These form the basis for all meditative forms.  It is a very refreshing experience, and a good way to relieve stress and pressure, and recover balance and harmony within.  I very, very strongly recommend beginning with this meditation before moving on to the others, but that choice is up to the user.  A suggested practice is to use this meditation daily until you no longer need to hear the sound of my voice to accomplish it.

Love & Healing

9 minutes 12 seconds

Love and healing is an uplifting, light-filled experience to reconnect to the highest love, in the process, lifting your pain and healing your heart.

Golden Lake

8 minutes 24 seconds

An enchanting journey to a golden island paradise of transformation and beauty.

Your Angelic Self

10 minutes, 8 seconds

Meeting your own highest self in a spectacular, beautiful, gentle, inward journey and outer exploration.  A truly transformative experience.

Heart Healer

13 minutes 17 seconds

One of the most powerful meditations in this collection.  No matter what has caused the pain in your heart, in your life, this meditation is the power to help you heal it, and bring yourself back into balance and understanding.

Becoming the Rainbow

15 minutes 14 seconds

Enjoy the truly beautiful experience of awakening your chakras, one by one, and becoming a unified, living, vibrant, human rainbow!

Mountains & Masters

16 minutes 16 seconds

In a beautiful setting, high on a mountain, meet, interact with, and be taught by your own personal master teachers.  What a lovely experience!