About Mani

For over a quarter-century Mani has been known as a “psychic’s psychic. a healer's healer, and a teacher's teacher”.  With clients and followers all over the world, he is widely recognized as one of the most insightful and effective energy healers and intuitive counselors in the world today.

“The short version of my story is that I’ve had the extremely good fortune of having died five times in this same body. I’ve been through the tunnel of light on several occasions, made some good friends on the other side who have wound up becoming wonderful teachers and guides.

I was 23 years old the first time I died. It was in a car accident; and even though I had my seatbelt on, tight, the car that hit me impacted me so hard that my head went through the windshield, I broke the ring off the steering wheel with my chin, and the horn button hit me mid-sternum, breaking my sternum in half and bouncing the top half off of my backbone, according to the doctors. Needless to say, there are things in between the sternum and the backbone that are NOT supposed to get squished.

Again, long story short, I experienced a profound, and life-changing trip through the proverbial tunnel of light, my first of five such trips in the years to come. Shortly after my second NDE, I acquired a master teacher from the other side. 

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It’s been a long and fascinating journey. I’m 77 years old now and have been a practicing, professional psychic, healer, spiritual teacher (and student) for over 50 years. Among my many gifts is the ability to perceive past lives. As far as can be determined, my visions of those lives seem to be pretty accurate.

I have written and self-published one book (A Book of Answers, with oracle deck) based on the understandings that I received in my journeys through the tunnel of light and to the other side. I have a second book, completed, that I have yet to publish, and I am currently hip-deep in what I feel will be my magnum opus for this lifetime.

One of the most profound lifetimes in my soul’s memory was that of being a man who was an Atlantean teacher (in the same body) for over 600 years, with a lifespan of nearly 900 years. With that as a core, I am creating a written reality wherein this teacher mentors a young man from very early England. The book is, of course, a teaching tool. Together, man and boy have many adventures, including traveling through time and space to visit other shared lifetimes.

The cast of characters includes the wizard and boy, woodsmen, rogues and murderers, talking frogs, faeries and a faerie wedding, an Ent, Merpeople, and the last Dragon. There will be travels through time and across realities, and a surprise ending that is clearly a beginning in disguise. As the wizard teaches the boy, the reader is also educated in the basics of spiritual understanding and gifts.

I truly enjoy observing as the story unfolds itself onto my computer screen. More than once, as I read what I’ve written, I am brought to tears by the elicited memories. None of what I write is channeled but is a compendium of teaching opportunities and soul memories.

On the opening page is emblazoned “A fictionalized account of an ongoing true story that may or may not have ever happened”

I intend to have the book finished in late 2022 and available for delivery soon thereafter - possibly in time for the Holiday season!”


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