Dear Mani,

Thank you for all your help! In only one session you healed my lungs.

After 23 years of being on inhalers. I am now breathing freely on my own. I had been to doctors and specialists for years, and it had all kinds of tests done. I’ve had emergency room visits where I even scared the doctor! He tried everything, and I was still not breathing properly. Then, after all these years, I met you - and proof - like magic, I can breathe!

The tightness in my chest is gone, and I can actually take a deep breath. I could only breathe very shallowly before. I can walk up and inclined, or up a flight of stairs without being short of breath. Now.

You also helped me with many other things, all of which are invaluable, but the lungs stand out because it’s just so amazing! It is something that has affected me for most of my life. Thank you, Mani, for giving me my life back, best because, without breath, we have no life!

My mother is very grateful to you too. You helped her with many things, also, but what really stands out are her knees. She had been having so much trouble. Limping, being in pain, and having to use a cane or walking stick for more than 6 months. Nothing seemed to work, so she thought she would have to just live with it. You helped her knees in one session and she’s been pain-free and walking well ever since.

Thank you and much love.

Contributed by Wendy and Barbara (Washington State)



Contributed by Candi 



His energy is genuinely pure from his heart as his night name describes... Pureheart…He is carrying (delivering) is luminous light around him with his intention – sharing…Light of his energy penetrates one’s body, mind, and spirit to heal one’s physical pain, purify mental stagnation, and cleanse spiritual karma with a soft touch from his magic hand. Along with his walk, he shares his energy even without telling to anybody. His eyes have many layers to see through every individual possibility. He creates possibilities and abilities for others…

His gentle and humble soul touches my heart deeply. I respect his work, and I wish I could have the ability like him as a healer. He knows who he is, and what his mission is, in his present lifetime. He is a genuinely great Healer, Teacher, and Master…I am so glad to know him.

Contributed by Yoko W (Seattle, WA)



Around 15 years ago my life was in major turmoil. I was slowly opening doors to who I am. I have, all my life, felt different than everyone I met in my thinking and values, and faith. I grew up basically with faith that do to early experiences, no religion. I’ve always wondered about what we do with the other 90% of our brain that we don’t use. I delved into various gatherings and groups and was surprised by psychic abilities and paranormal experiences, but still, a great piece was missing.

We had a TV show in our area that was an independent network local broadcast where almost anything could be shown as it was not connected with the FCC. I discovered they had different speakers and the paranormal subjects that have always drawn my interest. To provide a background of my experiences would take a book. Anyway, one evening as I was desperately seeking answers to the drama in my life, I turned on that channel. I was immediately drawn to the figure of a man sitting, talking to the host. It was my first time ever connecting with someone I knew from another lifetime. His name then was Marc, but this man was saying his name was Doug (Mani). I could not believe how intense I felt his name being Marc and that I would instantly know him. Not only had that, but the things he was saying sung a song so true to me. I couldn’t believe it. I had a video recorder and immediately started to record the show  I also learned in the show that he would be in a local psychic fair.

There was great stress with it by family home at the time, I felt this man could help my daughter. I knew I was a mess, emotionally, but first in my mind was that she needed help, so we went to that fair. Unknown to me, I was nearing an emotional breakdown.

The events that took place are private, but I will say that my life was hanging by a thread. When I finally met him. There were no words necessary, but his embrace and energy caused me to collapse and total surrender of my being. I became his student and good friend, and in the course of 15 years, I have come to be a man of great abilities and strength. I would’ve never thought I would be that. I have shared what I have learned and witnessed many so-called miracles. I have opened my own doors to my greatest self, and the non-conditional, loving being that I am.

To those who we touch in our lives, we can be a light, we can be invisible, or we can be darkness. The greatest love of all, is to be the love you are part of, and it be that light to help others find their way as he did for me, and I now do for others. We are very complex beings, made of more than just flesh. There are many levels to our BEingness. The path of the student is the path of greater learning, growth, and awareness, as opposed to the path of the victim in life, who learns nothing.

I could write a book about the lessons and experiences. This teacher and friend has shared and shown me. He knows the love I feel for him and for all things. I wish for anyone who is hungry, tired, lost, and afraid; or wanted to know more, to seek out your truth through his writings, and even perhaps one day meet him. My life will never be the same, and I’m eternally grateful. The many, many blessings I have come to receive and aloud in my life through knowing him.

Blessings of love, light, joy, and happiness.

Contributed by Rev. Charlie C (Seattle, WA)



Contributed by Melanie Knight



Mani’s talent for communicating with spirit is truly amazing. I suspect the veil is very thin or nonexistent for this individual. The ordinarily unseen may be more vivid for him and the common reality. Meeting and interacting with Mani is like seeing a deeply close friend. There is no pretense, no games, no BS – just pure love and truth pouring forth. If you were to see Mani in a social setting, as I was fortunate enough to, you would very seldom witness him not giving something to others; the continuous flow of healing and humor. If you are ready to bring your life to a new level of freedom, I must warn you, that exposure to Mani may knock your consciousness for a loop. After a session, you may have discomfort or headache is your brain may need to expand or reconfigure to contain this new level of awareness. I love these types of discomfort, as they indicate a profound shifting and growth.

Energetically, this man is like a waterfall of light; you will be positively raised in vibration if you’re exposed for any amount of time. Mani was amazing in his knowledge of the sex of my unborn, her temperament, and past life experiences. I say knowledge because one look in his eyes lets you know that he is free of doubt and that you should be too. He healed me physically after the birth, in various ways, with instantly noticeable results. He could clearly see what was ailing me, more so than I could, and I consider myself to be aware of these goings-on.

Finally, he accurately foretold a spiritual vision/dream/contact that I was going to receive, and I think positively affected the outcome. It’s hard to explain what a great advocate, someone can be if they can describe to you, the intimate experiences that are near and dear to you but are often so hard to communicate to others. I am delighted to know and to share with this individual and look forward to any further contact.

Contributed by Erica Sawyer (Bend, OR)



Hello Mani,

Thank you for this opportunity to share how blessed we are to have you in our lives.

Last year (2006). Mani and his lovely partner Kim were visiting here in Las Vegas, Nevada, and called to say hello to us. I was in personal crisis mode, suffering from out-of-control, diabetes, and extreme panic attacks. Living in Las Vegas has been one of the most challenging experiences of my life, and it has finally gotten to me.

We so enjoyed having lunch together and catching up. Oh! What fun to laugh again with our ‘soul family’…We got lots of looks as we roared at each other’s jokes. We played 9 holes of golf on our professional putting course, and Kim (Mani’s wife) on her first-ever “hole-in-one” – quite fun and amazing! We were all thrilled at her great accomplishment!

After lunch, we all came over to our place to visit some more. We live in a 36-foot travel trailer in an RV resort, and it was there that Mani sat next to me, feeling the pain I’ve been in for so many years. I began to sob uncontrollably with all the stuffed emotions finally coming to the surface. When he placed his hand on my heart chakra, the feelings of warmth and love filled my being, this golden pink light filled our little lodge, and we all knew something incredible was happening. Mani talked me through a lot of “stuff”, and help me to see that I was a student – not a victim. Very empowering at that moment, and continues to be to this day. We just so happen to have his “book of answers” on our bookshelf and received another message. (Mani, reading his own words, out of his own book, in our living room!) How does it get any better than that? What a day!

Words cannot explain how much we love and honor you and the work you do, Mani Pureheart. The pure love that emanates through your beautiful eyes, or contagious laughter is such a blessing. We continue to receive your daily inspirations from your wonderful book, and look forward to your next one. Thank you again for blessing our lives, and may you know how much you are loved and appreciated by so many!

Contributed by Lady Star (Las Vegas, Nevada)



When I first met Mani, it was an act of serendipity.

I had just received a message from a fortune cookie speaking to me about confidence.  Shortly afterward I met Mani for the first time, and before he had even gotten to know me, he gave me a reading on – guess what – you got it – confidence, and what it really means: to trust!

Since that time, I’ve gotten to know Mani, and I consider him a beloved friend.  He is helped me in many ways, including finding and clearing blocks within me that I didn’t even know were there.

One time, we were standing together, and Mani was talking to me.  As we talked, I felt something come up energetically on top of my left shoulder.  Mani looked down at that very location and the presence or tightness that I could feel there was gone.  With just a look, he was able to cure clear blocked energy channel as it came up.

I’ve also witnessed his instantaneous connection to my situation, how he was able to read what was going on in my life, and how it was benefiting me.

Mani has been a good friend to me, and I enjoy his friendly wit and banter, which is always mixed in with his direct style of truth-telling.

Contributed by Carlos G.  (Seattle, WA)


Contributed by Yvonne (Scotland)



The first time I met Mani was at a social event. In the conversation, I mentioned that I had been having headaches and pressure in the back of my head/neck once or twice a week due to the energetic shifts that the earth was going through. Mani put his hand on my neck and I could feel the energy going through me, and since then, I can still feel the pressure at the back of my neck. When an energetic shift is going on, but the pain is gone or greatly reduced

Contributed by Jeff M. (Bend, OR)



Our work in December in releasing the addiction has worked well. Even though I went into the exercise with doubt, it still worked and has worked well. I released my addiction to sugar. Now I am happy with the taste of a candy bar, or a soda pop. I don’t have to have the whole bag of chocolate or even the whole candy bar. I find that amazing, as my addiction to chocolate, is also a love of chocolate!

Thanks, Mani

Contributed by Walks With Thunder – Medicine man



I met Mani for the first time and last while doing a Body, Mind, Spirit show in Seattle Washington.

He walked right up to me, in his warm and compassionate manner, and introduced himself to me.  I immediately trusted him, and he felt like family.  We shared readings and exchanged work.  I, with an Isis print, and he, with his “Book of Answers”.  I never thought I’d grow to be as attached to something in my life as I have been with his book.

My journey from then has been a long and winding one, but with his book, along with my daily meditations, I found the light and blessing I needed to finish my walkabout.  Today, my husband and I both use this book are meditations for clarity when needed.  I hope more have a chance to experience this treasure and be touched by his good energy through Spirit.

Contributed by Diveena (Volcano, Hawaii)



I met Mani in October 2006. I was instantly drawn to him. Spirit revealed, during my reading with him, that my guides were intent on me meeting with him. This is why I was able to get through all the roadblocks that had prevented me from getting to the Body Mind Spirit Expo. I was initially very closed off and had a wall about 100 feet tall around me. (My protection). If nobody can get in, then nobody can hurt me either. Well, within seconds of beginning the reading, Mani told me that I had to let him in. That was the first signal to me that he wasn’t a “fake”. He was really seeing me and knowing my heart.

As an “appetizer”, he detected my severe back pain and took it away. Then we began to really look inward.

I had chosen to have an abortion many years ago and carried a great sadness with me about that. I wanted that soul to know that I was sorry and that I do love her. I carried the “what if” and guilty feelings.  2. Mani was able to tell me she is all around me very often… In fact, she never leaves me. She even sleeps with me.  She told him to tell me she sends me love, love, love and gratitude for being able to use my body for the short time that she was able. She is well and in a good place. She has no hard feelings or sadness about it. She loves me a lot  In fact, she wasn’t intending on actually coming here, and only wanted to use my body for a refresher course in the material realm. That was the first big pile of bricks to come off my shoulders, and I was able to begin healing. The next issue was deeper still.

My father was murdered 18 years ago. He was very violently, and brutally murdered by his own brother. As a result of the reading, I learned that my father is in a good place, he is healing, and being taken care of. That was tremendously useful for me, as I was so stricken with sadness, yearning for his love and presence, and carried very powerful anger and resentment towards his killer. In anger strong enough to consume me at times over the last 18 years. The other thing about these feelings was that they felt just like it was yesterday. I have been almost completely unable to process my feelings about all this. Even though 18 years had been at past.  With the reading, came answers to many questions. As I received the answers I needed, it helped me to be able to begin to process my feelings, and 5 months later, I have worked through so much that I am almost at a place where I am able to forgive the killer. I feel the first budding feelings of forgiveness. For me, this is a tremendous breakthrough as I have never known what it means to be forgiving. Of myself or any other. This is something I have been doing over many lifetimes, so now I have the opportunity to look at that, and make the changes needed to elevate me to the next spiritual level. I’m learning to forgive!  :-)

I can now talk openly about the details of this murder, without sinking into a week-long, black hole of sadness…And I am much more at peace on an everyday basis. 

Within moments of beginning my reading, Mani told me that he knew I am an extremely independent, and hardheaded individual. He also told me that he knew that I have had a very rough ride, and have made something out of myself, despite all the adversity. He was so right about all of that. Since this reading took place, I have changed and grown so much, that I look back and almost don’t recognize the woman who met with him in October 2006.

One last subject that I talked about with Mani with my family. I was in need of answers about my mother, and my oldest son.  My mother’s energy is more like poison than a mother’s love. I knew this but didn’t fully ‘see” it. As a result, her negligent, negative presence is tremendously influential and instrumental in the decline of my 12-year-old son. I knew I had to separate the 2, and I knew I had to seriously work very closely with my son to help him with the anger that he came into this world with.

I was told that we have sole agreements to work with each other in this life. He would help me learn patience, and I would help him learn to deal with his anger. I find that my current learning of compassion is no mistake either. My father, and his brother, had sole agreements. Time is critical in that particular matter, and thankfully I was able to know this is a result of my reading with Mani, begin the work that I needed to do, and still continue in an effort to save my son from a horrible fate. What a gift that is!

Can you imagine being able to prevent a train wreck…Only, it’s not strangers, it’s your most beloved firstborn’s life.

In parting, I would like to say that some very powerful healing words Mani gave me were “everything happens FOR you, not TO you!”. These are life’s lessons.  When you can internalize that, and work with it, you will open many doors.  Go see Mani for your needs. Allow yourself that love you need to heal, grow, change, manifest your mate, etc., etc.

I am very grateful to him for the information he was able to provide. I am thankful for the gifts he has, and how freely he shares them and uses himself to be of service. Since he is such a great role model, I hope we can all emulate those loving, sharing, and serving behaviors.

My world is definitely a better place to live in since my reading. Be prepared to have wonderful things happen!

Contributed by Cherie S.  (Portland, Oregon)


Contributed by Charlie Cardinal



I met Mani Pureheart in December 1993 at his store, the Gem Spectrum, In Sisters, Oregon. I had been looking for a watermelon tourmaline crystal for a friend, and he was the only one in town to have them. He told me then, that we met for a reason, and that I needed to work on my anger. He gave me a talisman to carry in my pocket to help me remember my issue. Since that time, he is helped my family as well as friends and me. I would like to share just a few of the things Mani is helping me with, otherwise, I will be writing a book, and that is not what I’m trying to do. What I would like to do is to give a few examples of what he is done for me, in the hopes that if you need his help, you might seek it.

I teach martial arts is a living, so I tend to suffer physical injuries, not too frequently, but when it happens, they are usually fairly severe. From a broken bone in my foot that was better by the end of the day, to a pulled hamstring, or whiplash effect on my neck. I had an injury 15 years ago from a fingernail to the eye, and the result was severe pain 2 or 3 times a month. After going to the eye Institute and being told the damage was below the surface of the eye, I called Mani, and he said he was working on it with me over the phone, and that he knew where the injury was.  

I have not suffered from it in over 5 years now, as of this writing.  

Being able to help others, I believe, is the noblest of efforts, and so I feel greatly honored that I know such a person is Mani Pureheart. When someone I care about is in a situation either physically or spiritually that may need help, I refer him or her to Mani, and in this way. I feel as though I was able to be of service as well. While Mani is a healer. I have greatly appreciated his spiritual lessons and perceptions that have helped me to think and act in a more loving manner. One of Mani’s greeting cards goes like this: “tolerance is not enough, build love”. He may not always tell you what you want to hear, but I believe it’s coming from love.

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to share some words on someone who I feel is a rare individual on the planet. I wish everyone happiness in all aspects of their lives, and if something I’ve said here helps you achieve that, then I was a success.

Contributed by Dan G (Bend, OR)